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The History of Lockets

Lockets are pendant that have a small space between the two pieces that form it. In there one can put either a small picture of his/her loved one or a curl of hair. This is the perfect type of present for an anniversary, a wedding or a Christening.

The special thing about these lockets is that they can also be attached to a charm bracelet, as a sweet reminder of your loved one. They are considered jewelry because they are made out of gold or silver. The most encountered shapes in lockets are ovals, circles or heart shapes.

Some other types of lockets are those that have one side made out of glass. These are usually used for hair locks because they can easily fall out of the locket. An interesting type of locket is the one that is made out of filigree and has a small cushion in the middle. People used to put a few drops of perfume there to mask a bad odor. These lockets were used mostly in a time when the personal hygiene wasn’t a priority and thus the bad smell hat to be overcome somehow.

The special design and the purpose of the lockets is to decorate and to be a memory keeper. Due to technology there are other ways that we can hold photos of our loved ones. The locket however is far more personal and more delicate than looking at a photo on our phone for example.

If you are looking to make a gift to someone then you should try these lockets. The person to whom you are giving the present to may be utterly and sincerely impressed by this delicate gesture. It is nice to have a reminder of our loved ones that we can always carry with us. So, why don’t you try to find a beautiful locket the next time you have to make a gift?

How to Make a Leather Cuff

You see them everywhere these days, within a group of friends, music band groups, and random people on the street; seems like everyone has a leather cuff, maybe it has become a fashion trend or close.

Well, if you have been checking them out and find that they are a little too pricey or just not to your personality, but you still want one then why not make one on your own? This way you can personalize it according to your own taste and liking.

What you would need first would be a strip of leather, usually in black or brown but if you want to change things up a little, go with whatever colour you desire.

Next, wrap it around your wrist to get the measurements and then add about 2 to 3cm to it before you cut it out. If it is difficult for you to mark it while it is around your wrist, then measure with a measuring tape and mark the leather piece on the underside with a piece of coal, chalk or a very lightly with a pencil.

Next, insert press studs on each end to act as your clasp. You can easily get them by ripping off old cuffs or visiting any haberdashery store which sells them in an insane amount of styles and designs. Once that is done, you have pretty much got your very own basic leather cuff and it is time to get creative and personalize it.

Instead of sticking on your metal rings and studs only to be dissatisfied, trace your cuff onto a piece of paper and decorate it there before doing the actual thing. This way you can use the trial and error method without ruining your cuff.

For a perfect finish, get your mom or a tailor to sew the edges to add that rugged look. You could use the same coloured thread or something completely different to stand out.

Accessories Are The Key

It may seem like some of your clothes are starting to look drab and in need of dire help or a complete makeover. But surprisingly enough, there is more that you can do than you think; and you will save yourself loads of money.

Before you head out to your local shopping mall or department store because you are getting quite sick of your clothing, stop and think for one minute. You will need to go shopping when you finish reading this, but for entirely different products than a new wardrobe.

You will be surprised how much you can spice up your wardrobe with a few accessories. Today’s accessories are not like what they used to be. They have taken on a whole new look. And thanks to the wholesale accessories and the wholesale distributors that wholesale them, you can actually find many items for quite cheap.

Accessories can change a whole outfit around. With the right ones you will feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. The exciting thing about them is that they are not usually too pricey (again thanks to wholesale distributors who have all the wholesale accessories), and you can go all out to get a bunch of things to help complete your wardrobe. That way you can also have plenty of variety and wear different things all the time as well as interchange them.

An accessory for your clothing can range to a bunch of different things. Included are: Belts, jewelry, shoes, scarves, and the like. They can literally change your whole outfit around. It really is good to make sure you put these things on to make the outfit.

Shoes may be a little bit on the pricier side to constantly be buying. However a great pair of shoes may actually make any bland outfit look excellent. That is why you should treat yourself to a few (try looking for excellent sales) pairs that you can use again and again. You do not need a new pair for every outfit. Things that you can get a lot of are things like a bunch of low priced fashion necklaces and earrings, as well as a bunch of belts. Get them in all different patterns and colors and you will be left with a variety to choose from whenever you get dressed.

The best thing to do when looking for your accessories is to go to very cheap sales like garage sales and you will be able to find all of these accessories for cheap. While some may be too funky or interesting looking, never turn anything away unless it is really not going to work. You have to realize that it will blend together once you go home and mix it up with an outfit; and it will change the whole look at the same time.

You never know what you can do to your boring wardrobe until you spice it up with the perfect accessory. Just throw on a pair of earrings and a necklace, as well as a belt and the perfect pair of shoes before you leave your house. You will add the perfect dimension to your wardrobe, and save yourself a pretty penny while you are at it.

Stylish Hen Nights

If your hen party is to take place in the holiday season, so you couldn’t ignore the general spirit, why not to choose a costume party blending both events: your second-last big day and the Christmas party? While you don’t want to be Santa Claus because you are too modest and think, against the holiday commercial trend, that there should be just one Santa Claus for all, you may, nevertheless, respect the Christmas spirit and the Christmas tree for that matter, by you and your friends dressing in as many cute and helpful green elves with their pockets full of goodies for children. In this way, you may illustrate that the said spirit and fashion don’t have to be at odds.

For yourself, you may choose an emerald velvet dress with the neckline trimmed with white fake fur and a hem trimmed with golden bells. Both these and your gold buckle belt would create a wonderful contrast with your green outfit and stockings, making you look like a cute Christmas figurine.

If you want to have your friends look a little bit different so that to be distinguishable from the future bride, they might wear some green and red costumes, an inspired combination between Santa and elves, in the form of stretch velvet dresses with satin aprons. The reversible hat and dresses would cater for both holiday traditional colors…

Depending on the turn your fun takes – only holiday-like or sexy -, you may select a really hot mini dress for yourself, made accordingly of red stretch velvet with a white scalloped neckline and a green apron. While most elf costumes would play with the traditional combination between Santa, the Christmas tree and snow, namely red, green and white, this one takes style to the next level, having a sophisticated zigzagging hemline and a super large pocket to emphasize the main feature of these little helpers, that of goodies carriers.

Whether you choose a naughty version or a good girl-version of an elf dress, nothing could look more stylish than velvet, both soft and thick and, besides, shiny in the Christmas tree lights. Accessories such as golden jingle bells, belt buckles, or rope belts would wonderfully reverberate light, making you feel not only the Christmas spirit but also ready for the solemn atmosphere of your personal big day!

The Hope Diamond – A Short History

Also called Le bleu de France, the Hope diamond is really valuable not only because of the fact that it is large and it weighs 45.52 carats. Just from a first glance one can see it is a special one, that may seem blue, but when seen in an ultraviolet light it displays red phosphorescence. In what concerns the cut, experts described it as a cushion antique brilliant with a faceted girdle and extra facets on the pavilion.

There are many variations of the same legend in what concerns the provenience of the diamond and the curse attached to it. It was supposedly stolen from India, from a sculpture of the wife of Rama, called Sita. It was thought that not only the owner, but all the people who touched it are cursed to have bad luck. Some even say that the curse foretold death for all the those who came in contact with it.

This seems to be only the starting point of the long history of this diamond. It was believed to have been brought to France in 1668 by a jeweler named Tavernier and sold to King Louis XIV. The diamond was initially larger than it is now and shaped differently. To enhance its beauty and brilliance it was later cut several times. It was King Louis XIV that gave it the name Blue Diamond of the Crown and wore it many times. It was then passed on the other members of the family but it was unfortunately stolen after Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were beheaded as a result of the French Revolution.

A few years later, the jeweler Daniel Eliason from London owned a similar diamond to the one stolen during the revolution. There is a controversy whether it was the same one or a different one with a different cut and fewer carats. Because of its uniqueness and perfectness specialists believed it to have the same provenience. The diamond was differently shaped probably to hide is provenience. The jeweler sold it to King George IV of England and only after his death it entered the Hope family.

The blue diamond got its name from the name of the family, whose destiny it influenced a lot. It was Henry Philip Hope that owned it first and later on was inherited by Lord Francis Hope. He lost all his fortune to gambling and was forced to sell it, after a long dispute with the other relatives.

The Hope Diamond traveled across the ocean and was later purchased by Pierre Cartier. He tried to sell it to one of his rich client Evalyn Walsh McLean, but had to reset it into a new mounting. Even though the new owner didn’t believe in the curse of the diamond, she had to face a cruel destiny, that took both her children away from her and forced her to live with an insane husband. Nowadays the Hope Diamond is at the Smithsonian Institution, after being donated by Harry Winston who purchased it after Evalyn McLean’s death.

Hen Night Accessories Are Suited For a Wide Range of Parties

Most of you know what a bachelorette party, or hen party is. You have it when you are about to be married and you are of a female gender. It takes after the male version of bachelor, stag or buck’s party. It has a reputation of debauchery, but it is also a normal party, where friends meet, chat, catch up and have a good time. Of course the offers are very many when it comes to organizing such an entertainment.

If you are an organizer of this party, or the star guest you have plenty accessories to choose from for a party, starting with games to custom made invitations, hint or explicit toy themes, costumes, cocktails, decorations, special waiters, party dresses, bridal ornaments, sashes and many more, the possibilities are endless. All you need is a bit of imagination and an internet page for guidance, specialized site who can provide plenty ideas.

You can even go to a specialist in the area and have the entire party organized stress free. It will surely be a success night with lots of fun and light spirits. Professional companies have far more experience in doing such in celebrations. And you will be part of an event that will remain with you and everyone else over the years. You do not need to worry about the budget, numerous variants are out there. You can gather many brochures with info before deciding. Think of a theme to start with and go from there.

Announce the guests the theme and focus on how to make it as fun and playful as possible for everyone. Drinks are very important, make sure that a list with seasoned refrain cocktails. Have fun with your friends by choosing dresses, or printed T-shirts with your nick-names, hire a stripper, get police hats. Confetti and balloons are a must at any party, especially a hen party. You can also order sashes and use caution tape, and find amusing devil horns or bunny tails to give away as prizes. The girls will not only have a great time, but on other occasions when you organize another party, you have all the “tools” for an outstanding party.

One of you girls do not need to get married to have a great celebration, be carefree, unselfish and let yourself enjoy a night out with your best friends. A sash can make you feel like a beauty queen, a gaudy dress like a high fashion model and a tasty cocktail boost the atmosphere. Remember you do not need a reason to enjoy life, sometimes little girly things can hinder you from forgetting to adore living.

The Style of a Gentleman

The term “gentleman” now gives us an image of any male but many years ago it meant something quite different. To be called a true gentleman was a compliment back in the days of corsets and carriages. A gentleman was seen as someone who was regarded highly by those around him. He would have worn the smartest clothes and had the most charming personality. Gentlemen were often perceived in the movies as the hero or the guy that gets the girl. They had an image of the perfect man who appealed to women as partners and men as role models. But how do we see them now? Some people still regard being called a gentleman a compliment although these days it is used much more broadly. So what is the style of a gentleman? And how can this be achieved in modern times?

With gentlemen having a sophisticated image to hold up it is only obvious that they are to wear suits. A suit doesn’t just have to be for a special occasion. A suit can be for everyday and will certainly make you look the professional in the work place. Gentlemen will not only wear a suit but all the stylish accessories to go with it. These accessories give us a clue as to what sort of gentleman he is. A money clip will say he’s a well off gent, a pair of cufflinks will say he’s a traditional gent. Matching his tie with his cufflinks? Well that is a sign of a gent with impeccable taste! Gentlemen should have a well thought out wardrobe and will make the effort everyday to create a stylish and sophisticated outfit.

But of course it’s not all about the clothes. A true gentleman must act like one in true gentleman style. One of the key parts of acting like a gentleman is to be kind and courteous to others. Not just your friends and family but work colleagues as well. Be chivalrous and try to please those around you. I don’t mean go out of your way to make someone happy but be considerate. For example if you are popping out for a sandwich, why not ask anyone else if they need anything while you’re out. Also you should be respectful of women and other people. Try not to rush in or be the first in line. Slow and steady wins the race after all. Stand when a woman leaves the table and always offer them your umbrella or coat if it’s raining. These little things such as removing your hat when you enter a building or a room will set you apart from other men and make you stand out. People rarely remember an average Joe who they meet in a shop but they will remember the gentleman who helped with their bags and held open the door.

Equipment List For Horse Owners

With the ever-increasing range of horse equipment available on the market we took a look at the essentials that every horse owner should have.

Well other than the horse your first thing you would require is a halter. The continental design is the best as it allows for the use of a chain should it be required. Most halters manufactured today are continental in design. Extra features include safety clips (they are important if you intend turning your horse out with a halter on) lining for the nose and poll. Which one you select will largely depend on your budget and taste, as they are available in almost every possible.

Next you will need a lead rope, a thicker softer lead rope is advisable, and if it has a loop on the end cut it off or loosen it, lead reins should never have a loop at the end. Ideally a lead rein should measure between 5-7 feet in length, as they are the most versatile

Spare feeder and water bucket even if your horse is boarded it is advisable to have your own spare set to ensure that should your horse get sick or it’s bucket suddenly disappears your horse does not suffer water deprivation. It is advisable to have at least two hay nets as well

Grooming kit also advisable to have two of if possible allowing for changeover and cleaning without interrupting the grooming routine. Mark your hoofpick well, as it is usually the first thing to wander off in any yard. Invest in a few spares.

Two working bridles, it is advisable when buying a horse to enquire as to the possibilities of getting the bridle with the horse as well, more often than not the seller would be willing to part with the bridle (unless it’s a Keiffer or Stubben that is) Buy a spare bridle and oil it well to have available in the event of the working bridle breaking

Working boots
Brushing boots is advisable for everyday riding, unless your horse requires specialized boots, which you would be informed of when purchasing, or after having had the horse vetted. Speak to your stable manager or instructor as to the most suitable boots.

Saddle a well-fitted saddle that’s to your choice and riding style. Check your saddle every three months to ensure it’s correct fit.

Rugs and clothing
Day sheet, used mostly after bathing a horse to get the coat to lie flat, of for travelling.

Sweat sheet used to cool your horse down and prevent chills on cool or cold days. Often confused with a flysheet, a sweat sheet has the same appearance as a flysheet. It is however heavier and does not have the belly straps

Flysheet if you own a grey horse or one with sweet itch this should be second on your list (after bug spray that is) placed on horses whilst turned out to prevent insect bites and stings.

Exercise blanket. If your horse is to be clipped in the winter and it snows in your area this is a must have, it keeps the back and quarters warm whist working.

Rugs Depending on your stabling arrangements and climate you may require up to three rugs. If stabled your horse could have a lighter duvet rug whilst indoors, and then have this exchanged for a New Zealand or Weatherbeta for when turned out. It is advisable to have at least two turnout rugs should you have wet winters with snow, as this allows for them to dry properly prior to being used on the horse again.

Should your horse live out it would require at least two New Zealand rugs. Ensure that the waterproof lining is intact and not allowing moisture to seep through.

Exercise bandages, these are made of elastic or ribbed fabric, although not as fashionable as boots, exercise bandages have one benefit over boots if applied correctly they are a perfect fit where most boots are only near perfect. Used to protect the legs whilst in work and to support tendons. Also helps with beeping the legs warm in the winter.

Stable bandages these used to be made of wool of flannelling, today they are often made of fleecing. Every owner needs at least one pair on stable bandages; these are used from bandaging for warmth or for the proper drying of legs to extra support for wound dressings.

Medical or First Aid Kit
Regardless of whether your horse is boarded or not every owner should have their own first aid kit, here is the basic kit for horse owners
• Crepe bandages and safety pins
• Scissors
• Cotton wool (lots and lots)
• Disposable nappies
• Thermometer
• Gentian violet spray often referred to as purple spray
• Disinfectant (Hibiscrub or Hibitane is best)
• Iodine salve (or if sensitive to Iodine Prenine)
• Vit E salve or oil
• Eye ointment ideally Exocin drops
• Epson salts
• Bicarbonate of soda
• Syringes various sizes
• Latex gloves
• Electrolytes
• Cotton self adhesive bandages (Elastoplast)
• Cooling gel
• Instant ice pack
• Gauze pads
• Jelonet or paraffin gauze

More advanced include
• Black powder or Forgastrin
• Acriflvine in glycerine
• Glycerine and itchamol
• Honey
• Cohesive bandages
• Insulation tape
• Glad wrap
• Poultice mix or kaolin
• Liquid paraffin

Kate Hinton is CEO of ThatHorse which is a one stop shop for everything equine.

She is also the author of ‘The Essential Guide to Selling Your Horse’ which is a must have if you are looking to sell a horse.

Safe Wardrobe Keeping

Do you have extra storage space that you want to make a profit with but just cannot think of a way to do it? This may be a way to make use of it!

Most of us change our wardrobe with the seasons. We take all the winter sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, ski outfits, boots, heavy comforters, and flannel sheets and store them away as soon as the weather warms up. Then when the weather gets cold again, we lug it all out and start the whole process over again. Unfortunately, as soon as we bring them down from the attic or up from the basement, we open them up to discover that moths or small critters have invaded the box or container and ruined them! Moreover, even if they are not ruined, they need laundering all over again to get out any spiders or musty smells that may have settled in while they were in storage. Every season, we go through this same time-consuming routine; unpacking, sorting, washing, drying, ironing, hanging up and then we start boxing up the departing season’s clothing and linens. It’s a sometimes back-breaking process of packing and hauling boxes and totes around. Everyone finds this frustrating, especially because no one’s closet or storage space ever seems big enough. The process is a big hassle and as each season comes to a close, it is one that they dread.

This is where you come in! You will store these clothes and other items in a temperature controlled environment and create an online digital wardrobe for people, so that their clothing and linens are safe, clean, and organized. People can log into your website, review the inventory of their seasonal clothing and linens that you are storing and request to have them delivered to their home when the time comes to use them again! You can charge $20 per month for this service and a small delivery charge for each batch of clothing and linens that they request delivered back to them. You can charge an extra fee for long distance deliveries in cases where people would like these goods delivered to their summer home or an alternate residence. They can schedule an automatic delivery date for each time or have them delivered a little at a time, as needed.

For each item, you will need to take a digital photo and write a small description of the piece, including color, any defects or stains and condition of the garment or linen. This should take place when the items are picked up and the customer should sign a copy of the pick-up slip to prevent any potential future blame should any defects be discovered later when the items are returned to them. Each customer will need a password-protected sign-on ID for your website so that they can keep track of which items are in your possession. This will provide your customers with privacy and a sense of control of the process.

You will likely want to advertise your services by running an advertisement in local phone directories, list your business with an online business directory also. Print up flyers and post them in places where people of all occupations and lifestyles would be likely to frequent. Be sure to include popular lunch places and coffee shops! Most post offices and grocery stores also have bulletin boards that will allow you to place an advertisement on. Be sure to take advantage of any public bulletin boards in your immediate area to find people who are looking for you and your services. Don’t neglect places like medical service buildings, health food stores, libraries, bridal shops, and any other place that your potential clients may frequent.

In no time at all, you will have built up a large clientele base. You will obtain many by word of mouth as your customers are wowed by your professional services and how easy storing their clothing and linens has become for them!

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4 Wonderful Tips On How To Buy Sunglasses

People wear sunglasses for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is to protect the eye from the rays of the sun and the second most obvious reason is to look fashionable. It is true that the environment we live in does a lot of damage to our eyes and in most cases it becomes necessary to wear sunglasses. No matter what your reason is for wearing sunglasses, they protect your eyes and also make you look stylish. If you are considering buying a pair of sunglasses, here are few tips on how to buy an appropriate one.

Protection against Ultra Violet Light

UV rays emitted from the sun can be harmful for the eyes. They can cause macular degeneration, cataracts and other type of ailments. Fortunately, 99% of these rays do not even reach the surface of the earth, but that remaining 1% can cause a lot of damage. If you go out in the sunlight often, it is important that you buy a pair of sunglasses which blocks UV lights. These days, good brands of sunglasses come with UV protection and these are a great choice for all those who are worried about their eye health.


Many people think that light travels in a straight line. The fact is that light bounces from one surface to another and cause glare from a number of elements such as glass, green grass, water and white sand. When you buy glasses with polarized lenses, you permit only vertical rays to pass through them which reduces glare.


Sunglasses come in various colors. Although the color of the glasses does not have to do anything with polarization, they do have an effect on clarity, depth perception and glare. These days, most glasses come with grey lenses which are a neutral color and do not distort color. Other colors which are available include red, brown, green, yellow and orange. The color of lenses that you have chosen should be considered carefully. Make sure that when you wear them in sunlight, you are comfortable with it and that it does not distort color and increase glare on the glasses.


Frames come in a range of styles and they also vary in weight and durability. When buying a pair of sunglasses, you must make sure that they look good on you, are durable and light weight. Do not buy sunglasses which look good, but aren’t comfortable.